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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Okay lets start with the costumes of Barsoom. For anyone reading this who dosn't read Edger rice burroughs Mars series, Barsoom is Mars. The whole costume debate has raced on for years. You See ERB refered to his charecters on barsoom as naked except for a decorative but practicle harness, that seems to change depending style on the wearer.
So what does he mean. there are many schools of thought.

1/ he never actually ment naked. naked in his time would refer to the naked savages such as north american indians or zulu, this would mean they wore loin clothes. Tarzan does and the charecters of pellucidar never lose thier's so he has a loin cloth theame

2/ the books were not ment for a wide audience, so the nakedness was pure titilation for the small audience the original story was for.

3/ there an alien race an nudity is'nt a sexual thing and isn't seen as such.

all very good points, so what did i think on reading the books

Well i dont agree with point 1 as ERB was well aware how it read and would have said loincloth as he does in his other books. I however do agree with both points 2 and 3 as thats how i read it myself, it seemed a bit racy and done for effect, but it isn't focused on therefore suggesting a different culture regarding nudity.

So why the problem, it's a book read it how you want, i hear you say. Well for me the problem is practicality. im an artist an if you draw them how they should appear then you cant post your pictures in alot of places. So i studied harnesess and was suprised how many actually covered everything, okay their loose so youd get the odd glimps but thats cool you just dont in my art, so my barsoomians are now covered in my art but always naked in my head.

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