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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where in earth is Pellucidar

I have to admit that the location of the pellucidar books has baffled me.
it all started when i saw a map that was drawn over a reversed map of the continants we know.

Until that point i had been happy knowing it all took place somewhere under America, however the map (drawn by a fan, placed it all under Africa.

Now i can understand why, the prospector is afterall in the sahara desert at the end of the book and that suggests a straight up and down match. The map didnt however look right.

i mean it did look like ERB's map but it didnt match the land masses underneath.
Abner perry clearly states thats he saw a map of pellucidar and the land mass is equivilant to our seas and vice versa. so the map should look like the one we know but with land being blue as it's the sea. oh yeah and everything reversed. So i got a simple map coloured it reversed it and looked for the matching shore line.
i started near the top (as its close to the polar entrance) and around America (it is afterall ERB's native country). It didn't take long to find it as its so close to the northern canadian coastline, around Baffin island.

The cool realisation is how much of the inner world remains unexplored.

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Blogger Sailor Barsoom said...

OK, this I'm going to have to look into. It is SUCH a match, at least in shape. I wonder how long that peninsula is? Well, I can look it up... on a map! Good work, man.

9:26 PM  

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