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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Apt behavior.

As i have said in a previous post. I love reading pulp fiction as it gives the authours the chance to create amazing creatures of the imagination.
One of the ones i have most problem visualising is the Apt of the frozen wastes from the mars series.
Although i once saw a great picture of one, a centaur like insect creature with white fur, it didn't actually fit the ERB description.
So i followed his instructions
A huge white furred creature with six limbs, four of which are short and heavy to carry it through snow and ice; a denizen of the Barsoomian north pole. The remaining two limbs grow forward from the shoulder on either side of the powerful long neck and terminate in white, hairless hands which it uses to capture and hold its prey. Its head and mouth are like that of the hippopotamus with two large, down-curving horns extending forward from the bottom jaw. Two huge eyes, each composed of hundreds of ocelli, are oval patches running downward from the center of the cranium to below the horns on either side of the head. Each ocelli is equipped with its own lid and the apt can, at will, close as many of the facets as desired.

I hope my apt is more fitting what was in the great mans mind


Blogger RadRad said...

Badass. I see you certainly have an...APTitude for this! Hahahaha yes, yes, I am a master of comedy. Cuddly yet ferocious; I want one!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Kit Cox said...

Its a strange looking beast thats for sure

8:04 AM  
Blogger Sailor Barsoom said...

I see the apt and the white apes as being related. Both are six-limbed and both are white, and both are ferocious. And while the white ape doesn't have the compound eye or the horns, the green men (who almost have to be related to the apes) have those tusks. Now, if the sorak is a miniature, docile apt...

9:19 PM  

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