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Friday, April 20, 2007

Life on Mars.
Okay no picture this time from me,just something i noticed about a recent British television series. Life on Mars was (its just finished) a fantastic show. Dectective Sam Tyler A modern day police detective goes back in time to the mean streets of 70's Manchester where he's a police detective, He's actually been Knocked down and is in a coma and is living out the 70's world in his head. When he evetually comes out of his coma and resumes his duties as a modern policeman, he finds it dull and takes his life going back into the exciting 70's world for ever.
Now the title "life on mars" was taken from the David Bowie song of the same name, due to it's lyrics "Law man beating up the wrong guy. Oh man do you think he'll ever know, he's on the best selling show. Is this life on Mars"

However there are alot of similarities with The Barsoom series. John Carter (by the way both surnames are oldworld jobs, carter and tyler)is basicly put in a coma and goes to Mars. Here he has adventures in a very real body and eventually goes back to Earth, which he finds dull so he dies again to return to the adventure of Barsoom.

Maybe i'm just seeing what i want too. Maybe their truely are only 7 different types of story. However i enjoyed both stories greatly and love the fact i can see a link.

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Blogger RadRad said...

Don't watch the show myself but I know of it and you raise an interesting point. Incidentally, there's a live action series sunday nights on Cartoon Network called Saul of the Molemen about a geologist who survives a disastrous mission to the Earth's Core with a rock star and robot where he deals with mole men, birdbats and a hot cavegirl.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Kit Cox said...

I've since watched a couple of saul of the molemen clips on youtube it seems funny in a retro way. I've also had a reply back from the BBC who neither confirm or deny any link between Life on Mars and Barsoom. However they did declare a homage to jacobs ladder.

5:59 AM  

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