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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Okay i admit i am a gentlemen that who tends towards the hirsuite. i've had and still have a goatee and tash. ive styled my tash to sweep majesticly down from my hairline in the victorian style often leaving my chin bare or maybe with a strip of hair or a soul patch. Ive gone days in designer stubble too. (see profile pic)

What i'm trying to say is i grow facial hair because im a man and i like it as does my wife.

ERB on the other hand seems destined to remove facial hair from his whole universe (unless your evil)

Carson gets a cream (something like nair for women) to remove his beard for ever

Pellucidar is swarming with clean shaven cavemen

and Tarzan is upset by his non-hairy face, but never chooses to grow a full beard (even when he's old enough)

and my favourite Carter of mars, changes his hairstyle often to fit in, but has to have a beard glued on (to be a yellow man).

I was once told that this is because heroes don't have beards
and you cant be sexy with facial hair

So what about Sean Connery (only really beardless as bond) , Rasputin (russia's greatest love machine, according to bonnie M) Shaft, barry white (okay just a tashes but you get the point) and finally jack sparrow to bring it up to date.

So any ideas why?


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