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Monday, April 30, 2007

Imagine if you will the orluk. Well thats exactly what you have to do in the ERB novel "Warlord of Mars"
The occational creature is mearly hinted at. Which i must admit to a concept artist is a dream. A yellow and black stripped beast of prey, elephantine in size.

Well it could be anything and thats the fun, it's upto the reader to decide.
I looked at the hints for my picture. The fur colour and the fact it's a predator suggested tiger to me.
Barsoom's lion has an extra wide mouth passing behind its ears and 8 /10 legs depending on the description. So i thought a tiger would be in the same family. So i gave it the extra wide mouth and rows of teeth. I decided on 8 legs as i just dont seem to be able to add the extra set without the creatures becoming comicaly long.

So their i have my Orluk. Imagine it the size of an elephant and you start to quake.
I'm sure however that others have pictured the beast differently and thats the joy, but this is what scares me.


Blogger RadRad said...

As far as a 5th pair of limbs go, perhaps a smaller pair of arms in the front for handling food. Like a Theropod's arms.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Kit Cox said...

yeah that would work. i often find the limbs to much. six seems odd enough, 8 seems really alien and 10 seems impossible on mammals

2:33 AM  

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