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I enjoy victorian and edwardian era fiction, i love the works of Edgar rice Burroughs and just wanted to have a place to pour out my thoughts on these subjects

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ah the indian like Horib, yes thats how i saw these guys. I mean north American by the way. They fight well from horseback well lizards in this case. they hunt large horned beasts but not to excess and they are alien from the whiteman.

I chose a horned viper for my base model so the horns appear in the eye ridges, apart from that i believe this is exactly how i saw them first time i read Tarzan at the eaths core

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tarzan of the Apes.
But what apes.
To big for chimps and too small for gorillas (in fact gorillas are their enemy).
Philip Jose farmer suggests they were cavemen, throw backs to a much primitive time.

The fact is that ERB never really saw a gorilla or a chimp outside of a zoo. He relied on the tales of adventurers and game hunters.

So the beasts that tolerated Tarzan as he grew (only Kala raised him)were ERB apes alone, creatures of imagination, powerful brutes but family creatures. inteligent enough for leaders and councils, clubs and drums but still beasts.

Thats how i love them, not categorised as a creature we know, just similar to one.

Tarzan is as much fantasy as John carter and for that he needs his imaginitive world.
A world where Kong exists and atlantis sank beneath the waves and Ayesha lives eternal waiting the return of her love.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Okay i admit i am a gentlemen that who tends towards the hirsuite. i've had and still have a goatee and tash. ive styled my tash to sweep majesticly down from my hairline in the victorian style often leaving my chin bare or maybe with a strip of hair or a soul patch. Ive gone days in designer stubble too. (see profile pic)

What i'm trying to say is i grow facial hair because im a man and i like it as does my wife.

ERB on the other hand seems destined to remove facial hair from his whole universe (unless your evil)

Carson gets a cream (something like nair for women) to remove his beard for ever

Pellucidar is swarming with clean shaven cavemen

and Tarzan is upset by his non-hairy face, but never chooses to grow a full beard (even when he's old enough)

and my favourite Carter of mars, changes his hairstyle often to fit in, but has to have a beard glued on (to be a yellow man).

I was once told that this is because heroes don't have beards
and you cant be sexy with facial hair

So what about Sean Connery (only really beardless as bond) , Rasputin (russia's greatest love machine, according to bonnie M) Shaft, barry white (okay just a tashes but you get the point) and finally jack sparrow to bring it up to date.

So any ideas why?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ah! the noble Zitidar. So highly used for food, transport and shoe leather.
It however is just a mastadonian beast of burden.

So i thought lets have fun with it. First off im thinking elephant or at least mammoth. Seeing as nothing else seems to have fur and the green martians have fur blankets lets give it fur.
A huge hump for storage of fat to extract water from on the long marches.
A mouth going back past the ears and silly number of legs a must

add a rider and a cart and hey presto. A Zitidar